Who we are

We are ‘men at work’ devoted to reinventing and modernizing the reality of advertising visibility. Generally, we add imagination to quality and attention to details to transform an idea into a project that is always out of the ordinary.
The innovation and craftsmanship make it possible for us to work alongside with architectural firms, interior designers, communication agencies, in order to personalize and therefore surprise. In fact, whether it is a promotional event, the definitive restyling of an environment or the creation of a new store, the goal is always to create something unique that will leave its mark.

Quattroterzi chi siamo


Imagine, design, create. And amaze. The talent guides our refined and accurate design, passion leads our choices and the quality accomplishes every work, making it our own, unique, and tailored. To keep our style, we combine the art and knowledge acquired over time with continuous updating, ensuring excellent standards that can always meet the needs of our customers.

The team

In Quattroterzi everything is a question of efficiency and attention, precision and determination!

Designers, Graphic designers and Marketing

Our efficiency

Call, design, send mail, video call, get an order, create renderings, organize meetings… coffee on the go… And away again, always with a smile!


Our attention

Tables and spreadsheets, F24 and DDT, deadlines and invoices: at the end of the day we go crazy with numbers, but they are always the right ones!


Our precision

Go here, go back there. Put there, but not like this, a little higher ... a little more ... that's it, now it's perfect!


Our determination

We are three partners and together we support our Quattroterzi. We never give up!