We work with marketing managers, communication agencies, direct customers; our creations are in fact aimed at individuals but also at interior designers, fitters, window dressers, design studios and architects. Our skills are available to the customer’s requests and to the achievement of the maximum result, whether it is a limited production or a mass production. Professional advice, targeted design, careful selection of materials and extreme attention to detail: services aimed at production on demand and tailor-made.


In addition to making your ideas grow and making them concrete, we can inspire you because we are not just executors but also excellent creatives. Graphics, contents, concepts: we can develop different and varied communication materials to convey your products or services, giving a strong identity to your company and its peculiarities. Strike, leave your mark, be remembered: with us you can.


It is very useful for every designer to have a sample of the product and this is possible only thanks to our machinery and to the working processes that we carry out directly in our laboratory. A finished prototype ready to be replicated in the required quantities, if it is a series production, made with the materials and details previously agreed.


We personally take care of delivering the products to their destination with an adequate packaging. Last but not least, our specialized team, once on spot, will be able to install and set up the stores, assemble the stands, install the signs and decorate the shop windows in a workmanlike manner.


The most interesting installations or windows displays arise from the union of imagination, executive skills and sensitivity in faithfully representing the identity of brands or artists. To give shape to a project, to respect its original concept, means setting up. We produce installations and fittings for trade fairs, visual merchandising for points of sale and art installations.