Bronzallure corner

Bronzallure corner, the Brian&Barry Building, Milan

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In addition to growing your ideas and making them concrete, we can inspire you because we are not only executors but also creative. Graphics, contents, concepts: we are able to develop different and many communication materials to convey your products or services, giving a strong identity to your company and your peculiarities.


We could not finish our work without delivering to destination, with packaging perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your materials. And of course, once on site, our specialized staff will be able to install and set up your stores, booth and shop windows.


The most interesting outfitting are born from the union of imagination, executive capacity and sensitivity to faithfully represent the identity of brands or artists. Setting up means to give shape to a project respecting the original concept. We produce outfitting in different fields such as the fairground, visual merchandising for sales points and artistic installations.